Camp Erin – Healing for Kids

Children grieve differently than adults. And sometimes, even the most-loving and most-supportive home just can’t give a grieving child what he needs to grow and move on.

Camp Erin is a free overnight camp for grieving kids ages 6 to 17.  Like most camps, kids take part in games, activities, music, and arts and crafts.

But there’s also a lot of healing. Our counselors at our Sacandaga Lake facility are specially trained to help children:

  • Learn they are not alone. Camp Erin allows a grieving child to be with other children who share these feelings.
  • Learn their feelings are perfectly normal. Grief can be overwhelming. Camp Erin shows children that what they are experiencing, although painful, is perfectly normal.
  • Address their feelings and memorialize their loved ones. Children often do not have an avenue to express their grief or to honor and remember the person they held dear. Our activities help them get their feelings out.

If you would like to talk to someone about Camp Erin, please call us at (518) 285-8100.