Volunteers – The Heart of Hospice

Community Hospice volunteers come from many different backgrounds and walks of life.  What they have in common, however, is a full measure of compassion and the desire to help others experience the best possible quality of life.

All of our volunteers enjoy being with people and are good listeners. They are reliable and dependable, work well as part of a team.  They bring with them a good sense of humor because they know that everyone -- young, old, healthy, sick -- feels better when they share a laugh.

Many of our volunteers spend time with Hospice patients, visiting them at home, in the nursing home or hospital, providing companionship and helping out as any friend or neighbor would.  They sit and talk, run errands or sometimes prepare light meals.

Other volunteers help Hospice staff members by making bereavement calls, doing office work or by helping plan and organize fundraising events.


Volunteers, like all employees, go through a screening process and background check.

All volunteers receive comprehensive training designed to help them better understand our patients, their families, and Hospice's role in the community.  Training sessions are held twice a year in each of our regions. Volunteers learn what services they can provide and the best ways to carry them out. Our volunteers are well-equipped with initial training and continuing education, and receive on-going personal support in fulfilling their responsibilities.